Autumn Apple Butter


I have become somewhat of an inadvertant expert in a new genre of cuisine: British-American fusion. This is not through any particular desire to create such a cuisine, but mostly through the  misunderstandings and rookie mistakes that come with being an expat. While some food-related mistakes make me feel pretty stupid (when I have to ask what something that is apparently very common tastes like, or order something I end up hating because it had a funny name), others are, I like to think, pioneering! For example: the first time I had a bacon buttie (bacon on a warm white bread roll, for you Americans) I was asked if I would like ketchup or brown sauce and replied with an enthusiastic ‘Both!’.  I was later informed that you NEVER mix ketchup and brown sauce, but honestly, it was delicious so I still do it. What a rebel, I know. Continue reading