Foraged Blackberry Tart and a Visit to Chatsworth

IMG_5134_15_08_10 (1s)I don’t know how it happened, but autumn snuck up on me this year. I had a wonderful summer with lots of projects at work and at home, and two fantastic sunny holidays, but now suddenly we’re in the middle of October and I’m not sure where September went! I feel like this happens every year, where the months seem to speed up once August is done. The fall is over in a flash and we hurtle towards Christmas without coming up for air. Continue reading


Thanksgiving Abroad

IMG_0041 (1)

As it turns out, both Shannon and I had family visiting us in London for Thanksgiving, which, while fun, was not conducive to writing. I’ll let Shannon do her own recap of what she made on Thanksgiving, and the fun things she did with her family during their visit, but in the meantime I thought I’d share some thoughts about Thanksgiving abroad and my favorite pie dough recipe. Because ’tis the season (for pie!). Continue reading