The Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie

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I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions (which is probably for the best as I am both indecisive and writing a baking blog!). So, no need to fear: Expatisserie is not going detox for the first part of 2015. As evidenced by the title of this post. Continue reading


Thanksgiving Abroad

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As it turns out, both Shannon and I had family visiting us in London for Thanksgiving, which, while fun, was not conducive to writing. I’ll let Shannon do her own recap of what she made on Thanksgiving, and the fun things she did with her family during their visit, but in the meantime I thought I’d share some thoughts about Thanksgiving abroad and my favorite pie dough recipe. Because ’tis the season (for pie!). Continue reading

Back with a (Chocolate) Vengeance!

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Okay, so maybe no one thought I was dead, but my apologies for the radio silence. I’m afraid the real world feels the need to intrude from time to time, but fortunately the demands of my professional life have only benefitted my baking life: as an avid stress baker, I’ve gone full throttle in the kitchen over the past few weeks and am excited to share the recipes that have kept me sane (and full!).

To start, I direct your attention to Exhibit A, my Chocolate Almond Thumbprints:

Choc Almond Cookies

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Strawberry Cake in October


I’m a sucker for farmers’ markets. There’s something so enticing about buying produce outdoors, about seeing the people from your neighborhood and further afield mingling, about shopping without a list and not knowing what you’ll come home with. We have a glorious farmers’ market on the south side of Hampstead Heath on Saturday mornings with an array of stalls that varies throughout the year, but has enough consistency to feel familiar and comforting. It’s a great way to start the weekend; picking over the veg, bread and cheese on display, treating yourself to a baked good or hot sausage bap before going for a walk through the Heath. Beautiful seasonal finds have led to some of my favorite cooking adventures this year. This strawberry cake, unfortunately, is not the result of such idyllic, high-minded shopping. Continue reading

Jam Donuts and the Great British Bake Off


While there are many British tv and radio programs that I will probably never fully appreciate (Peep Show, The Archers) because the cultural gap is too wide, others have endeared themselves to me and become a vital part of my daily routine. These range from listening to the Shipping Forecast on the radio late on weekend nights, to watching QI and wishing Stephen Fry was my overly-intellectual uncle who would drop by at Thanksgiving and regale us with fascinating factoids. Some things are just so charmingly British, you can’t help but like them, no matter your frame of reference. Continue reading