About Us

Hi, we’re Shannon and Helena, two friends who met after moving to London from the US, brought together by a love of baking and art history. Mainly baking.

Yo ho ho!

Shannon is a born and bred southern Californian, minus the glowing tan and affinity for bikinis. Cooking alongside her mum and Auntie Gwen from a young age, Shannon has always had a love of the kitchen and happily recalls memories of freshly baked cookies on rainy school days. Since leaving home more than six years ago, Shannon has upheld many family traditions and started a few of her own. Fortunately for Shannon, London has significantly higher precipitation than Orange County, and her baking repertoire continues to grow with every drippy, dreary London day. Always excited to try a new restaurant and difficult recipe (with varying degrees of success), Shannon has a long list of favourite foods and is excited to share them through EXPATisserie!

Helena lives in leafy North photoLondon with her boyfriend and their sometimes cat. She works in an art gallery during the day. She grew up in the Southeastern US (but somehow missed out on the cool accent) and Italy, but has also lived in the American midwest and in France. She draws on inspirations from all of these for her cooking and baking. Helena’s favorite foods are pasta of any kind, salty cheeses, butternut squash, blackberries, salted caramel, and peanut butter. Apart from baking, she loves hiking (or ‘walking’ as the Brits call it) in the gorgeous English countryside, attending art exhibitions, scouring London food markets with Shannon, and going to the pub.


Our cover photo is by julian haler. Found here.


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