Autumn Apple Butter


I have become somewhat of an inadvertant expert in a new genre of cuisine: British-American fusion. This is not through any particular desire to create such a cuisine, but mostly through the  misunderstandings and rookie mistakes that come with being an expat. While some food-related mistakes make me feel pretty stupid (when I have to ask what something that is apparently very common tastes like, or order something I end up hating because it had a funny name), others are, I like to think, pioneering! For example: the first time I had a bacon buttie (bacon on a warm white bread roll, for you Americans) I was asked if I would like ketchup or brown sauce and replied with an enthusiastic ‘Both!’.  I was later informed that you NEVER mix ketchup and brown sauce, but honestly, it was delicious so I still do it. What a rebel, I know. Continue reading


Salty (Scottish) Oatmeal Cookies


This week Scotland made history by hosting one of the most important referendum votes in modern political history.  Of course, if you turned on the TV today, you probably heard that the referendum wasn’t a complete success.  But yet!  While the Scottish National Party wrings its hands and Alex Salmond bids adieu, this American Expat is relishing the opportunity to continue living in a United Kingdom that includes Scotland.

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A ‘très British’ Croque Monsieur

IMG_0383 (2)

Have you ever read The Guardian’s ‘How to Cook the Perfect…’ series? Because it is seriously fab, especially if, like me, you love discussions of the techniques, ingredients, and history of various recipes. The author, Felicity Cloake, takes a dish and breaks it down to the key ingredients, citing the opinions of well-known chefs about the dish. At the end she compiles this knowledge into one ‘perfect’ recipe. While I can’t say I always agree with her conclusions, I appreciate her approach of picking and choosing the parts of recipes that she likes best and using them to create a dish that suits her taste. It’s pretty much how I cook, anyway! Continue reading


Hi there! Welcome to EXPATisserie, a London-based cooking and baking blog written by two expat friends. Please bear with us as we get it up and going. We plan to include step-by-step recipes, tips on London eats and travel, and lots of photos and stories as we go. Watch this space!